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PPP International Procurement House, Exporters and Engineers since 32 years at your service for diversified construction projects and clients worldwide.

Procurement, exports, financing, engineering,
project management, technical services...

Emmanuel de Grancey
Emmanuel de GRANCEY
Directeur et Partner
58 years old.
Gr. European Buisness School.

« PROMPT PRECISE PROSPECTION INTERNATIONAL » provides a real service by managing the Purchase and delivery of materials and heavy equipements as well as technical services to international clients worldwide.

  • Provide assistance “PROMPTLY” as PROCUREMENT AGENCY to your overseas construction projects.
  • Select PRECISELY specific materials and equipments within our DATA-BASIS to Meet your specific overseas site requirements.
  • PROSPECTION worldwide for the best QUALITY + PRICE products to fit your own project specifications. We also assist our customers into participating to tenders.

Engineers and Specialists with skilled and experienced team at your service, we support our customers in Africa, Middle-East, Southern-America, Asian… overseas construction projects.

Today PPP INTERNATIONAL is ready to save you time and money on your next heavy Equipments or materials purchases by coming with creative competitive technical solutions.

PPP INTERNATIONAL performs “Engineering Specialties” such as conception and turn-key Concrete components PREFABRICATION PLANTS , conception and manufacturing of all kind CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS , Block making machines and concrete product machines.

Engineering of water filtration units , water pumping and agricultural irrigation perimeters , Electrical power generation units , Mining industry projects, Waste management and recycling units, Photo-voltaique electrical installations, “Ghallaguer”fences aned electrified perimeters.

Contact us with your toughest challenges,

PPP INTERNATIONAL will do our upmost efforts to make the impossible… Possible.

Direct lines + 00 331 53 69 90 03
Fax Lines   + 00 331 53 69 90 04

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